Fine Black Nephrite Jade Beads and Pendant Necklace

Fine Black Nephrite Jade Beads and Pendant Necklace

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Black Hetian nephrite jade is one of the most favorited jade in the collating world.

These 108 genuine nephrite jade beads are untreated, in evenly shades of silky black color. Glowing softly in the natural light, those beads have no fractures nor cavity. They are perfectly polished, no sign of scratch or worn. Measure approximately 7.5mm in dimension.

The length of the necklace is about 85cm long.

The master beads are three flawless green jade beads, measured 8.7mm in size. All space beads are gold plated 925 silver beads.

The Guru bead is made of 925 silver, with 24K solid gold decorative parts on the surface. And there is one green jade cabochon inlaid at the center to match the master beads.

Through one beautiful Nanhong agate bead, attached the pendant that is from the same piece of the jade specimen as the beads of the necklace. Known as “Wu Shi Pai”, the blank pendant means “Nothing bad happens”. Chinese people believe that wearing it not only can protect the body and the soul, but also show the elegance of the person. The size of the pendant is 50x30x11.5mm.

This is one elegant piece that you can not miss. It’s perfect for collecting or gifting.

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