Genuine Tibetan Coral Necklace with 2-Eye  dZi Bead

Genuine Tibetan Coral Necklace with 2-Eye dZi Bead

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The design of this beautiful dZi coral necklace is inspired by Tibetan women’s dZi and coral necklace.

The vintage dZi agate bead has beautiful 2-eye pattern. In Tibetan culture, the 2-eye dZi bead (also called 2-lines and 2-eyes dZi bead), means safe and auspicious, with the meaning of blessing peace and a happy family; it has the effect of enhancing vitality, reducing irritability, and making people maintain an optimistic attitude; increasing self-confidence; and improving happiness.

The size of the bead is 34 x 11.5 mm. Through the time, the bead has been worn but well maintained, protected by the spirit of Buddhist. Please check out the zoomed in video to see the details.

The red coral beads are from one genuine vintage Tibetan coral necklace. Those beautiful salmon color coral beads are measured 4.5mm in size.

All metal spacers on the necklace is made of 925 solid silver.

The choker necklace is 55cm (21.5”) long. The cord can be adjusted to extend the length.

It comes with one mala pouch.

With time passing by, and the increasing demand, a piece like this one became increasingly difficult to source. Please be free to contact us for acquisition.