Large Multi-strand Baltic Amber Earth Necklace - Stardust

Large Multi-strand Baltic Amber Earth Necklace - Stardust

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The new Boho collection presents breathtaking beautiful wild natural earth .The sun, trees, deserts, wild animals and all. Only the natural rich colors of those gems can show the spirit of the design. Deep breath, and feel it.

Let the golden star shine in your eyes. There is no ordinary in theis beautiful statement necklace. One of most beautiful designs I had come out so far. 

Made out of four strands of lgenuine Baltic amber beads, this massive necklace weighs 50 grams. The total length of the necklace is about 55cm (21.5").


The amber beads are a nice combination of  gold and Cognac and color. They are gently polished to remove sharp edges but still keep their original shape and texture. The size and shape are vary from piece to piece, from 5mm to 15mm.  And these larger pebble beads are measured approximately 20mm-25mm.

All chains and claps are made of copper.

I hope you will find this one-of-kind artisan piece resonates with you and enjoy wearing it to the special occasion or just everyday.