Raw Amber Balance Pendant Necklace for Men

Raw Amber Balance Pendant Necklace for Men

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This interesting piece came naturally from a heart-shaped raw Baltic amber. After briefly polishing, it took me quite a bit effort to find that "center point" of the stone. And I scienced it out, eventually.


Now you have it in your hands: dark and bright, heavy and light, day and night, Ying and Yang, fear and cheer, complicated and simple, all balanced in one heart. Just Like Men.


Classic natural style pendant necklace for men. The amber stones measured approximately 3 cm long (1.3 inch), 2 cm wide (0.8 inch) and 1 cm thick (3/8 inch). Large solid .925 silver bail. It comes with an leather cord that has a length of 45cm (18 inch).


It is very simple but goes well with everything he may wear.



For all my amber jewelries, I use the high quality genuine raw Baltic amber stones. They are cut and polished mostly by hand in our studio in Canada to suit the needs of the design. Also I select beads from the vintage Baltic amber jewelries I collected to add to some of my designs.


Each of jewelry I make is a one of a kind piece due to the natural shape and color of the amber beads.