Amber and Turquoise Earth Bracelet - Leaves

Amber and Turquoise Earth Bracelet - Leaves

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The new Earth collection presents breathtaking beautiful wild natural world. The sun, trees, deserts, ocean, wild animals and all. Only the natural rich colors of those gems can show the spirit of the design. Deep breath, and feel it.

This large statement bracelet is made of Baltic amber nuggets and natural turquoise. The irregular shaped amber beads are in rich dark honey colors, sparkling like water when lights shines on. They are gently polished to remove sharp edges but still keeps the natural color and texture of amber. They measure approximately 15-20 mm (0.6-0.8 inch) long on average.

The large oval Turquoise beads are about 15mm to 19 mm (0.6-0.75 inch) long. Small nuggets are 6 mm (0.25 inch) long. They are natural turquoise stone from China. 

The length of the bracelet is about 19 cm (7.5 inch) long and 3 cm (1.2 inch) wide.
The chain and claps are made of copper.
Each of jewelry I make is a one of a kind piece due to the natural shape and color of the amber beads.