Antique Tibetan Amber Dzi Beads Bracelet

Antique Tibetan Amber Dzi Beads Bracelet

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This is one genuine antique Tibetan amber disk beads bracelet with vintage Dzi and Tibetan turquoise beads.It’s a rare and beautiful piece for your Tibetan beads collection.

The central bead is one vintage Tibetan Dzi agate bead, barrel shaped, in dark brown color, measured 38mm x 13mm.

The bracelet is made of genuine amber beads came from one 19th century Tibetan necklace, measured 10mm x 6mm. Those old beads have graced several generations of owners through hundreds of years past. Their surface and color are attesting to their age and appreciation. See photos for details.

The decoration beads are 5 barrel shaped vintage Tibetan turquoise beads, measured 10mm x 6mm. Two large disk beads which to guard the Dzi are made out of 925 silver. And all beads are spaced with coconut shell disks to avoid scratching.

The bracelet is strung on durable nylon elastic string. No clip.

The inside dimension of the bracelet is approximately 57mm.

We select the best quality natural beads we can find, and decorate with beads from vintage Tibetan beads collections to give the retro jewelry the unique style and "Soul". Most of our items are one-of-a-kind pieces.