Custom-Order Genuine Amber 9mm Beads Tibetan Mala Necklace

Custom-Order Genuine Amber 9mm Beads Tibetan Mala Necklace

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For years, we make customized Tibetan Buddhism malas for our clients using rare natural materials and ancient, antique Tibetan beads . To serve the spiritual purposes, only the best quality natural beads can we use to make malas. We turned those precious beads to wearable arts. Each one-of-a-kind piece is waiting for its destined master.

This traditional Tibetan mala necklace is made of 108 pieces of high quality Baltic amber beads. Those barrel shaped beads are untreated, perfectly polished from raw amber rocks. The beads have so-called “Half mountain and Half water” texture, which meaning the balance of Yin and Yang. They are in natural yellow color, and measured  9mm in dimension.

The marker beads are three high quality (5A) lapis lazuli beads. Other decorative beads include red coral, turquoise and gold-plated 925 silver spacers.

The small Thangka pendant displays a portrait of the eyes of the “Medicine Buddha”, formally known as the‘Medicine Buddha of Pure Crystal Radiance’, symbolizes the brightness, purity and healing of the Buddha Land. The portrait was hand painted by the artist from Napel. All paints are made of natural materials including gold.

The necklace is 100cm long. 


We select the best quality natural beads we can find, and decorate with beads from vintage Tibetan beads collections to give the retro jewelry the unique style and "Soul". Most of our items are one-of-a-kind pieces.