Hetian White Jade and Gold Bracelet

Hetian White Jade and Gold Bracelet

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  • Jade Type: Hetian Mutton Fat White Jade
  • Metal Material: Solid Gold (24K, and 18K)
  • Band type: premium elastic string
  • Wrist Circumference: 19-20cm

This piece is designed and made for perfection and luxury. Gold is the best company for jade. And the diamonds add the sparkle to make it shine. 

The bracelet is made out of one piece of raw Hetian jade specimen. Because of the limit of the size of the rock, only 19 flawless round jade beads were completed. And 18 of them are on the bracelet, with one spared.

These 19 Hetian Mutton fat jade beads represent the best of white jade, with the best luster, texture, the warm and pure white color, and extremely flawless. Please see the zoomed photos for details.

The dimension of the jade beads is approximately 9.9-10mm.

The master bead is one large 24K solid yellow gold bead. The delicate pattern on the thick wall of the bead is called “Endless Life”.  Measure approximately 10.9mm in dimension. On each side of the gold bead, there is a 24K gold flower shaped cap to cover the jade bead that next to the gold bead. This design can prevent the jade beads get scratched by the metal bead. 

Two decoration spacers beads are added to ensure the bracelet curves smoothly. Those spacers are made of solid 18K gold that hard enough to hold 12 tiny natural diamonds engraved on. The dimension of the diamonds is 0.8mm. 

 The total weight of the gold pieces is approximately 4.65 grams.

This is one luxury piece that you can wear for the special occasions as well as everyday living. It will also hold its value for passing on. 

With time passing by, and the increasing demand, a piece like this one became increasingly difficult to source. Please be free to contact us for acquisition.