Hand-painted Amitabha Buddha Thangka on Rudraksha Bodhi Seeds Tibetan Mala

Hand-painted Amitabha Buddha Thangka on Rudraksha Bodhi Seeds Tibetan Mala

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The thangka pendants are the most significant amulets Tibetan people wearing or hanging on the malas. We only have a few in stock.

This large Thangka pendant displays a portrait of Amitabha, the Buddha of longevity, enlightenment, and happiness. It was hand-painted by the artists in Nepal.

The paint used for thangka is all natural materials, including gold. And according to the traditional, a mantra paper and dry flowers were sealed into the case after it was blessed.

The round shaped brass frame is measured 51 x 41 x 6 mm. The case is made of stainless steel.

The mala necklace is made of 108 pieces of our old stock rudraksha seeds and many old Tibetan beads. The length of the mala is 95cm.

Rudraksha seeds are seeds of the rudraksha tree, one of the most popular choices for Tibetan malas through the long history. Rudraksha seeds Come with many different sizes, shapes, and textures. Touching the surface of the rudraksha seeds can provide the comfortable feeling to help with relaxing and concentrate.

Those vintage beads are organic Indian rudraksha seeds, been professionally cleaned and sanitized, measured approximately 9.5 mm on average.

This mala is a rich combination of many Tibetan beads collections. Some of those beads are newer, but most of them are old. Please see the photos for detail. All of those beads are well maintained, or blessed by the spirit of Buddhist.

The mala can be worn as necklace or bracelet. It is durable and lightweight. One 925 silver counter clip and one handmade Luck nod is also included.

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