Bodhi Seeds Tibetan Mala with Old Dzi and Turquoise

Bodhi Seeds Tibetan Mala with Old Dzi and Turquoise

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For years, we make customized Tibetan and Himalayan malas for our clients using rare natural materials and ancient, antique Tibetan beads . To serve the spiritual purposes, only the best quality natural beads can we use to make malas. We turned those precious beads collections to wearable arts. Each one-of-a-kind piece is waiting for its destined master.

In Tibet, bodhi seeds are considered the best mala beads for practice. Bodhi seeds, also known as the "Phoenix Eye" Bodhi seeds, are signifies to Lord Buddha. 

This traditional Tibetan style mala prayer beads bracelet is made of 108 small size Phoenix Eyes Bodhi seeds from Nepal. Those carefully selected beads represent the best quality of Bodhi beads can offer, and measure approximately 12mm. Each end of the bead is cut and polished to make it flat in the traditional Tibetan mala manner.

The chest marker beads are two old natural Tibetan turquoise barrel beads in light green color.

The central marker bead is one vintage Tibetan Dzi agate bead, barrel shaped, with the 3-eye pattern, measured 56mm x 13mm.

All of those the beads are very old, with some sign of worn. See photos for detail. They are well maintained, or protected by the spirit of Buddhist.

The guru bead is one uncut bodhi seed with 3 holes. The tassel part includes one genuine antique red coral bead, one silver dorje, and handmade cotton tassel.

One silver lotus counter clip is also included.

We select the best quality natural beads we can find to make our malas, and decorate with beads from vintage Tibetan beads collections to give the new malas the unique style and "Soul". Most of our items are one-of-a-kind pieces.