Fine Green Nephrite Jade Beads and 14k Gold and Diamonds Necklace

Fine Green Nephrite Jade Beads and 14k Gold and Diamonds Necklace

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Green Hetian nephrite jade is one of most precious jade in the collating world. These genuine Hetian nephrite jade beads were mined from Siberia, considered to be the most rare and expensive kind.

These 36 genuine Hetian nephrite jade beads are untreated, in evenly shades of medium green color. Half transparent, glowing softly in the natural light, besides the little fibrous and few spot inclusions that natural jade usually has, the beads have no fractures nor cavity. They are perfectly polished, no sign of scratch or worn. Measure approximately 9.5mm in dimension.

All space beads are round 14k solid gold beads, 3mm in dimension. The 10mm ball clip clasp is also made of 14k solid gold (as stamped), engraved with 6 natural diamond that measured 1mm in dimension.

The length of the bracelet is about 45cm (17.5 inch) long. The inside dimension is 60mm. The whole piece weighs approximately 51g.

This is one elegant piece that you can not miss. It’s in nearly perfect pre-owned condition and been cleaned by professional.

All the photos are for the exact item is for sale in this listing. Photos were taken using a iPhone camera under natural light indoor. No filter nor enhancement was applied. I believe the photos are accurate images of the item but please keep in mind that genuine nature jade always shows brighter color and tone through camera lenses due to high reflection.

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