Genuine Antique Bodhi Seeds Tibetan Mala Necklace

Genuine Antique Bodhi Seeds Tibetan Mala Necklace

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Restored from a genuine old bodhi seeds Tibetan mala, cleaned and repaired, with many rare and precious ancient Tibetan beads and accessories added. This museum quality treasure is a one-of-a-kind piece that waiting for its destined new master.

This full Tibetan mala necklace /bracelet is made with the beads coming from one antique Bodhi seeds mala that was made about 50-80 years ago.

In Tibet, bodhi seeds are considered the best mala beads for practice. Bodhi seeds, also known as the “Phoenix Eye” Bodhi seeds, are signifies to Lord Buddha. They are durable for every day’s use for hundreds of years.

Those unbelievably old beads represent the high quality of the natural seeds and craft work. They have so-called “Balance Cut”, and measure approximately 13 x 7.5 mm. This traditional cut can keep the beads curled together without showing the string.

This mala is a rich combination of many Tibetan beads collections, including old Tibetan guru, red coral, agate,Tibetan turquoise, shell beads, camel bone beads, Tibetan steel and copper beads, and more. Each single of them is genuine old piece from our Tibetan antique collections. They are very old with some sign of worn. See photos for detail. They are well maintained, or protected by the spirit of Buddhist.

If you are interested in more details about the beads on this mala, please contact us. Thank you.

The whole necklace is 80 cm long.

This is one piece that you can not miss. It’s been professionally cleaned, ready to wear. The mala can be worn as necklace or bracelet.

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