Huge Baltic Amber with Insects Pendant Unisex

Huge Baltic Amber with Insects Pendant Unisex

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When come to making amber pendant, the biggest challenge is to keep the natural spirit of the stone, the shape, the color, the texture, etc. The final piece is never "perfect". I do not make the "perfect" pendants. I make the pendants for real people, the troopers, the fighters, the survivors, the winners. They wear it as a metal, a protection, and a companion. That's who they are. Even you don't see the blood, you can still see the scars.

This large pendant is that kind of piece. Made out of one pure natural golden honey color Baltic amber raw stone, gently polished, measures approximately 50 mm x 30 mm x 20 mm, weighs 15 grams alone. The arrow shaped stone is an amazing creature of the nature's hand.

More interestingly, there is an ant-like insect in the stone who was trapped about 50-100 million years ago. Who knows.

The pendant is set on handmade solid sterling silver wire bail, and comes with long adjustable black cotton cord. The decoration beads are carved yak bone and stainless steel beads.

Each of jewelry I make is a one of a kind piece due to the natural shape and color of the amber beads. So take that piece if you feel it belongs to you.