NanHong Icy-Float Agate Mala Necklace

NanHong Icy-Float Agate Mala Necklace

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This uniquely natural designed ice-float Nanhong agate necklace/bracelet brings fresh and elegant spring taste to your wrist.

Nanhong red agate, also known as ”red jade“ in ancient times, is one of most precious material been used in Tibetan jewelries. These delicate transplanted Nanhong agate beads are from Baoshan. The name ”ice fluttering red“ accurately describes the stone: the body is clear and transparent, crystal as ice, while red, ”floating“ in such an ice-like body, red and white form a bright chromatic aberration, and some red also form natural and durable. The pattern and shape are unique and sunny.

The 108 genuine natural ice floating red Nanhong agate beads have attractive translucency and luster, please see the zoomed photos for details. The dimension of the beads is approximately 7.2mm.

The Guru bead is also made of same ice-float Nanhong agate. All spacers are genuine natural Hubei turquoise beads. The pendant is a carved amber flower.

The whole mala necklace is 85cm long.

For years, we make customized designed Tibetan and Himalayan malas for our clients using rare natural materials and ancient, antique Tibetan beads . To serve the spiritual purposes, only the best quality natural beads can we use to make malas. We turned those precious beads to wearable arts. We sincerely believe the Buddhism spirit attached to those ancient precious will help each one-of-a-kind piece to find its destined master.

With time passing by, and the increasing demand, a piece like this one became increasingly difficult to source. Please be free to contact us for acquisition.