Vintage Lapis Lazuli Tibetan Mala Necklace

Vintage Lapis Lazuli Tibetan Mala Necklace

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This necklace is a remaking of one old Lapis Lazuli mala necklace.


In Buddhism, Lapis Lazuli represents power of wisdom. Associated with the Akshobhya Buddha and the healer Blue Buddha, the unmistakable Lapis blue represents the infinite, purity, and healing. 


The genuine high quality Lapis is hard to find and expensive. "Blue as the sky. Dark as the night." You may see the amazing color change under different light from the pictures we post here.


This Tibetan mala necklace is made of 108 pieces of old high quality Royal Blue Lapis lazuli beads. The beads are untreated, in perfectly round shape and measure approximately 7.2mm in dimension. 


The division beads are three Lapis Lazuli beads that measures 12mm. The Guru bead is one large 14mm Lapis Lazuli round bead to complete the perfect "Centre" for this mala. 


This mala is a beautiful combination of antique Tibetan beads: red coral, black coral, Pema raka(carnelian) and turquoise. 


No tassel. Comes with the original velvet box.