Vintage Tibetan Daluo Dzi Bead Amulet on 925 Silver Chain Necklace

Vintage Tibetan Daluo Dzi Bead Amulet on 925 Silver Chain Necklace

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This is one large vintage Daluo dZi bead with fine Fortune Wave pattern. It was msde from Taiwan before 1990s.

Taiwanese beads first appeared in the late 1980s as the result of a group of artists were trying to replicate the methods of how the ancient dZi beads were made. The early Taiwanese beads have the reputation of highest quality and often get confused for genuine ancient beads.

Tibetan dZi beads with this type of oval barrel shape are called Daluo dZi beads. And Fortune wave usually has a pattern of two or three water wavy lines. Water is a powerful source of energy, which is manifested in this dZi in the form of assistance in the accumulation of wealth, stabilization and improvement of the human inner world.

This handmade dZi bead has yellowish white background, and the lines are well defined with even color. Please see the zoomed photos and video for details.

The size of the bead is 20 x 17 mm.

The solid 925 silver chain is 50cm (20”)long.

For years, we make customized Tibetan and Himalayan malas and jewelry for our clients using rare natural materials and ancient, antique Tibetan beads . To serve the spiritual purposes, only the best quality natural beads can we use to make malas. We turned those precious beads to wearable arts. We sincerely believe the Buddhism spirit attached to those ancient precious will help each one-of-a-kind piece to find its destined master.

With time passing by, and the increasing demand, a piece like this one became increasingly difficult to source. Please be free to contact us for acquisition.