Exotic Huge Tibetan Pendant Necklace

Exotic Huge Tibetan Pendant Necklace

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This exotic Tibetan style necklace is a one-of-kind piece. It’s a ideal piece for Tibetan beads collectors. And it presents the soul and beauty of Tibetan jewelry culture - bold, sincere, and pride.

The necklace is the combination of traditional Tibetan jewelry beads: genuine amber, Tibetan coral, Tibetan turquoise, and Tibetan silver or silver plated beads. The size and shape is vary from piece to piece for those beads, but all have the rich color and texture. Those large beads are approximately 15-20mm wide, give the necklace the “chunky” feeling that you can see from traditional Tibetan jewelry.

The central joint style pendant is a heavy round piece that made out of low grade Tibetan silver. The pendant has turquoise and red coral inlays, gives the necklace the true spirit. It’s a genuine antique piece that over hundred years old, originally from Tibet.

Strung on durable copper wire, the length of the necklace is about 60cm (23.6”), It weighs approximately 140g.

We select the best quality natural beads we can find, and decorate with beads from vintage Tibetan beads collections to give the retro jewelry the unique style and "Soul". Most of our items are one-of-a-kind pieces.